VeriSign Trust Seal

VeriSign Trust Seal

For businesses or individuals that don’t need the full protection of an SSL Certificate, it is now possible to build trust, credibility and loyalty online with VeriSign™ Trust Seal. The VeriSign Trust Seal shows the world that VeriSign has confirmed the site owner’s identity and has passed the VeriSign malware scan. Install the mark on your site that 86% of online consumers recognize as the symbol of trust on the Internet.

Build trust, credibility and loyalty online with the VeriSign Trust Seal

True 128-bit SSL Certificates

VeriSign Trust Seal shows visitors that the identity of the site owner and the website has been verified by the leader in online security.

  • The site owner’s identity is verified using established and proven procedures
  • The domain is authenticated and confirmed to be legitimate
  • The site is scanned for malware daily to ensure that it is safe

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Create Trust from Search to Browse to Buy

Trust the Link, Trust the Site, Trust the Transaction

Give your customers peace of mind from search to browse to buy by securing your transactions with VeriSign® SSL Certificates and activating the VeriSign Trust™ Seal with VeriSign Seal-in-Search™ and daily Web site malware scanning.


Trust the Link: Earn More Clicks

People make decisions fast when they browse the Web and your link has to stand out to earn a click. VeriSign Seal-in-Search technology puts the VeriSign Trust Seal next to your link in search results on enabled browsers and partnering Web sites. Seal-in-Search shows that your site has been verified by VeriSign and passed a Web site malware scan. Your link is safe to follow.


Trust the Site: Increase Customer Click-Throughs

To keep visitors on your site, you have just seconds to establish trust and credibility. The VeriSign seal, the most trusted mark on the Internet, helps assure visitors that your site is legitimate and safe, giving customers the confidence to stay on your site. In fact, 97 of the 100 largest SSL-using banks in the world, 87% of the largest e-commerce sites in North America and 93% of the Fortune 500 use SSL Certificates sold by VeriSign.*


Trust the Transaction: Convert Visitors into Customers

Giving customers confidence that their transactions are secure helps reduce shopping cart abandonment. In a recent study, 11% of respondents decided not to conduct business with a site because they did not see the VeriSign seal (VeriSign Brand Tracking Research, 2009). Case studies show a 10-34% increase in online transactions when a VeriSign seal is displayed.

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